A Lusitano is only considered purebred if it is registered with APSL. Both parents also need to be approved for breeding and registered in Livro de Adultos.

Lusitano mare in GolegãRegister your Lusitano

A Lusitano can only be registered with APSL in Livro de Nascimentos if the following requirements are met:

  • The horse is a purebred Lusitano – no crossbreeds are registered
  • Both parents are approved for breeding and registered in Livro de Adultos
  • You can prove who the parents are with either a DNA test or  through blood typing (all horses in Livro de Adultos are DNA or blood typed)

If a foal is born before both parents are approved, it can still be registered in the stud book later on, provided that both sire and dame get approved.

Stallion approval in LisbonApprove your Lusitano for breeding

If you want to use your Lusitano for breeding it needs to be approved by a judge from APSL. Stallions are shown ridden and mares are shown in hand or free. If the horse is approved it can be registered in Livro de Adultos. Stallions also need to show that they are fertile, either by testing the sperm or presenting DNA results from an offspring.

How the horses are scored

Each assessment point receives a score between 1 and 10, and some of the assessment points are more important (see coefficients). Maximum score is 100. A horse will be approved if it does not get any score lower than five, more than one score of five or more than two scores of six.

English Portuguese Coefficients
Head and neck Cabeça e pescoço 1.0
Shoulder and withers Espádua e garrote 1.0
Chest and ribcage Peitoral e costado 1.0
Back and loins Dorso e rim 1.5
Croup Garupa 1.0
Legs Membros 1.5
Overall impression Conjunto de formas 1.5
Movements Andamentos 1.5

Sources: APSL