If you know the name of a Lusitano it is easy to figure out the age of that horse. This is due to the fact that all Lusitanos are given a name starting with a letter that corresponds to the year they are born.

Lusitano foals playingA letter for each year

The breed association APSL regulates that horses of the Lusitano breed are given names starting with the appropriate letter. The letters corresponding with each year, fall in alphabetical order with the exception of letters K, Y and W, which are not used. The last time we passed letter A was in 2005.

List of years and letters for Lusitano names

2016 – M
2015 – L
2014 – J
2013 – I
2012 – H
2011 – G
2010 – F
2009 – E
2008 – D
2007 – C
2006 – B
2005 – A
2004 – Z
2003 – X
2002 – V
2001 – U
2000 – T
1999 – S
1998 – R
1997 – Q
1996 – P
1995 – O
1994 – N
1993 – M
Pedro Torres and Ahoto

Pedro Torres’ horse Ahoto is named after his father Hostil

Other naming traditions

In addition to the regulated naming some stud farms have a tradition of taking the first letter from the father’s name and using it first in the second syllable of the foal’s name. The famous Alter Real stud farm, among many others, applies this tradition as you can see with the dressage horse Rubi AR – his father’s name is Batial. Examples of other Lusitanos named in accordance with this tradition are Pedro Torres’ horses Oxidado after Xaquiro, and Ahoto after Hostil.


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