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Lusitano Portal is all about the Lusitano breed, Classical Dressage and Working Equitation! Our main purpose with Lusitano Portal is to promote the Portuguese equestrian world internationally. In other words, we want to open the door to Portugal's amazing horse world for everyone.

The idea to create Lusitano Portal is something that has grown with us during the years we spent in Portugal. We wish to make it really simple for anyone that wants to know anything about the Lusitano or related things to find the information quickly. This is something that we feel has been missing. Therefore we would be very grateful if you contacted us with any suggestions you might have.

Andréa Kjellberg is the webmaster and main photographer at Lusitano Portal, but she also stands behind some of the texts. Andréa grew up riding and competed on national level in dressage in Sweden. Andréa came to Portugal for the first time almost four years ago and she started as a working student at Morgado Lusitano. You might have seen her blog Lusitano Life.

Hanna Larsson is the main writer at Lusitano Portal and is also in charge of the marketing. Hanna grew up in an equestrian family and has been riding all her life. Hanna came to Portugal for the first time three years ago to learn more about the Lusitano and classical riding.

Lusitano Portal HB
Skarstad Stora Algutstorp 13
534 95 Vara

Company registration number: 969769-7036

Telephone: +351915193191

Mail: contact@lusitanoportal.com

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