Santo André Lusitanos

Close to the heart of Lisbon, Santo André Lusitanos was founded by António Borba Monteiro. The objective is to promote the preservation, dissemination and evolution of the Lusitano Horse and the academic Portuguese-rooted art of riding, extensively developed in this location over the last 50 years by renowned horsemen and masters.

Horse breeding is quite an important activity for us and many horse breeders come to us .

The Studs we use are the horses which have been the longest with us, in other words, their respective selection period extended to the point of reaching the top of the scale selection based on the training. It is a never ending process, which enables us to get to know our horses in great depth and hence provide our clients with guarantees in terms of breeding and acquisition of their respective offspring.

Our mares are also trained. The best are kept for breeding and will have to go through a long and enduring selection period, breeding with several studs, after which their characteristics as breeding mares are revealed.