Coudelaria Manuel Teixeira

The Stud Manuel Teixeira is located in Lagar de Água in Penha Garcia, Idanha-a-Nova, and began its activity in 2000, with cross mares with good features like saddle horses, which in 2002 gave way to carefully selected Lusitanian mares. The stud currently has a staff of 4 breeding mares, regime of semi, which in the past 3 years have been benefited by breeding top quality proven HOSTIL (JGB), RUBI (AR), ZAZU (SDR), BRANDYMEL (MG) ESCORIAL (SRB) and RUBI (SFT) the last child of the NILO (MV); what has conferred a high quality products to this stud, thus arousing the interest of the international market, which has led to the export of animals to Spain and France.

In order to enhance the entire gene, this stud gives special attention to sanitation and good nutrition, being made an individualized monitoring of Breeding Mares and all products right from birth. Given the better utilization of feed and animal health are tests regularly in parasite load in order to elect the best deworming program.

Aware of the importance of genetic Lusitano Horse, the stud Manuel Teixeira aims to create Lusitano horses of great functionality within the breed standard, with good gaits, impulsion and elasticity.

It will be an honor for us to receive your visit!

Lagar de Àgua, Penha Garcia, 6060, Portugal