Coudelaria Leonel Galrão

The Coudelaria Leonel Galrão was founded in 1990 and from the very beginning has been dedicated to the breeding of the Pure Blood Lusitano horse (Puro Sanque Lusitano). It is situated to the northwest of Lisbon, more specifically in the village of Gradil in the County of Mafra, where the Quinta Vale dos Amarelos has been its home since 2002.

Starting with mares of the brand JH Casquinha we breed selectively and rigorously for the best morphological and funcional characteristics. In selecting for the morphological and functional characteristics in the stallions for breeding we have always been oriented towards those from good bullfighting lines.

The prime objective of the Coudelaria is this: to preserve the unique characteristics of the ancient breed of the Lusitano horse which makes it so very unique in the world, but at the same time rigorously selecting for and developing a horse with the physical and athletic capacity required of the modern horse in the 21th Century.

If this virtual visit has awakened your interest in seeing our operation in reality, it is certainly because you share our passion for the Lusitano horse. Please do not hesitate to contact us; it would give us great pleasure to receive you at the Quinta Vale dos Amarelos.

Portela Gradil, 2665-151, Portugal