The Art of Horsemanship: Xenophon and other classical writers

A. Nyland

This is a NEW (2010) easy-to-read translation by ancient Greek language scholar and horsewoman Dr. A. Nyland and is NOT one of the many century-old public domain translations NOR is it a reworded public domain version. Great advances which have been made in ancient Greek word meaning in the last twenty years were unknown to the translators of the public domains of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Despite the current trend for non-translators to reproduce public domain versions as a commercial venture, be aware that such public domain versions do not take advantage of recent scholarship in word meaning. Xenophon was an ancient Greek soldier who lived from around 430-354 BC. His "Art of Horsemanship" is his work on selecting and educating horses. It was not the first work of its kind, an earlier being that by Simon of Athens. This book also includes excerpts by Aristotle, Columella, Diogenes Laertius, Herodotos, Juvenal, Livy, Pliny the Elder, Simon of Athens, Suetonius, Theomnestus, Virgil, (and two of Xenophon's other works mentioning horsemanship,) which are relevant to Xenophon's The Art of Horsemanship. This is a NEW English translation by Dr A. Nyland.