Lusitano Horse: Son of the Wind

Arsénio Cordeiro Raposo

Square, 27 x 27 cm, 229 pp. richly illustrated with numerous colour photographs. This legendary book is an expertly and higly recommended book on the Portuguese horse Lusitano - son of the wind - and aalso an elegant table book that boasts the most outstanding pictorial representation of Iberian horses, specially the Lusitano horse. The history and tradition of the Lusitano horse is told in over 200 incredible photos and prints in color. The special chapter about the Sorraia horse is written by the undisputed expert in this field, Dr. Ruy d'Andrade, and is illustrated with many rare photos from both breeding farms and the natural habitat of the lowlands of the Guadalquivir valley. A special chapter features the legendary Novilheiro, the Lusitano horse that is fully recognized around the world. The photo collection also shows the incredible versatility of the Lusitano horse, in driving, jumping, dressage, reining (doma vaquera) and naturally as a rejoneador's horse in the bullfight from horseback. In short a legendary book and an outstanding essential book.